Guesty Acquires Rentals United: A Move That Simplifies the Tech Stack in the Short-Term Rental Industry

In a bold move that promises to reshape the short-term rental landscape, Guesty, a fast-growing property management system (PMS), has acquired Rentals United, a leading channel management platform. This acquisition is a strategic leap for Guesty, enabling it to offer an unparalleled range of channel options to its customers.

Traditionally, most PMS providers connect to the top-tier booking channels like Airbnb,, and Vrbo. While these connections are essential, they often leave property managers wanting more flexibility and reach. This is where the acquisition of Rentals United sets Guesty apart. Rentals United boasts a comprehensive, full-featured channel management system that extends beyond the big names, offering connections to a multitude of niche and regional booking platforms.

So, what does this mean for Guesty users? Essentially, it broadens their horizons significantly. Property managers can now list their properties on a diverse array of channels, tapping into different markets and customer bases that were previously out of reach. This enhanced distribution capability is not just about more bookings; it’s about smarter bookings, reaching travelers where they are actively searching.

Another significant advantage of this acquisition is the simplification of the tech stack for short-term rental managers. Previously, managers often needed a third-party channel manager to connect to new channels, niche markets, and regional websites. This setup could be cumbersome, involving additional interfaces to map amenities, fees, and taxes. With Rentals United integrated into Guesty’s platform, property managers can handle all their distribution needs from a single interface. This consolidation eliminates the hassle of juggling a PMS and channel manager, saving time and reducing errors.

Guesty’s CEO, Amiad Soto, highlighted the significance of this acquisition, stating, “By bringing Rentals United into the Guesty family, we are equipping our users with the most advanced distribution tools in the industry. Our goal is to empower property managers to maximize their revenue potential and efficiency.”

In an industry where staying ahead of the curve is crucial, Guesty’s latest move is a testament to its commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. As the short-term rental market continues to evolve, Guesty’s expanded capabilities are set to provide its users with a competitive edge like never before, all while simplifying their technology stack and operations.

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