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Guesty is a property management platform. It is used by property managers to manage Short-Term Rentals and Vacation Rentals listed on multiple platforms



Guesty is a comprehensive property management platform designed to optimize hospitality operations and maximize revenue for property managers and owners. It leverages advanced technology to provide an all-in-one solution that simplifies managing, automating, and streamlining business operations. Key features of Guesty include a Channel Manager, Guesty CRM, Unified Inbox, Multi-Calendar, Payment Solutions, Automation Tools, Direct Reservations, Revenue Management, and Accounting​​​​.

The platform is versatile, catering to a range of property types such as vacation rentals, urban rentals, aparthotels, serviced apartments, guesthouses, B&Bs, and outdoor stays. It is designed to build brand presence, optimize pricing, add damage protection, maximize occupancy, streamline communication, and enhance guest experiences. This adaptability makes it suitable for handling different operational scales and fluctuating seasonal demands​​.

Guesty has established itself as a global choice in property management software, appreciated by hospitality providers of various sizes for its ability to improve guest value and future-proof businesses. The platform’s emphasis on automating operations and driving bookings significantly enhances operational efficiency and effectiveness​

Who is Guesty good for

Guesty is best suited for a broad spectrum of hospitality businesses, ranging from small-scale property owners to large hospitality enterprises. It is particularly valuable for:

  1. Vacation Rental Managers: Ideal for those managing vacation properties, helping them to navigate high and low seasons effectively.
  2. Urban Rental Operators: Beneficial for managers of urban properties who aim to stand out in competitive city markets.
  3. Aparthotel Operators: Useful for those managing multiple units in aparthotel setups, seeking to automate and optimize operations.
  4. Serviced Apartment Managers: Suitable for businesses managing serviced apartments, especially those transitioning between mid-term and short-term stays.
  5. Guesthouse and B&B Owners: Perfect for smaller, personalized hospitality businesses like guesthouses and B&Bs that aim to boost visibility and deliver customized guest experiences.
  6. Outdoor Stay Providers: Ideal for those managing outdoor stays or unconventional lodging options, focusing on revenue management and operational automation.

Guesty’s flexibility in accommodating various property types and its comprehensive suite of tools make it an ideal choice for these diverse business models.

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Property Management

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Hosts, Vacation Rental Managers

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Australia, United Kingdom, United States

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Tel Aviv, Israel

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51 – 100

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